party makers for the escape

the libertarian world and the squats suffer each year, in all europe, a repression more and more arroguant. More one refuse to subject himself, more (s)he risks to finish in jail.

The economic and legal support to the prisoners is a requirement always hard to adapt with the life style of those who want themselves out of the logic of money. 270beat (word play with 270 bis, a so useful article of the italian penal code punishing subversive associations) is an international collective that brings a support party on tour in the squats, betting on the will for dancing, being skin to skin, knowing new people and express our own vitality above and out of any coercion.

To embrass the spontaneous carnality of the dancing individual, to assume the union empathic and free of a collectivity partying, is yet a way to claim this freedom that disturbs so much a society wich wants us canned meat, that it is often punished with billy club, jail, or sometime death.

United within the hormon (of the rebellion)!