10.03.06 Monteparadiso, Pula [Croatia]

After making our last party in Italy, we went northeast to reach Pula, Croatia, where we will played in the Monteparadiso squat. This squat hosts a great number of projects, concerts and activities, including a hacklab. The party was anticipated from saturday to friday, and we had a lot of small technical problems... nevertheless, that was one of the most amusing parties we made !! People were friendly and dancing, the atmosphere was very warm, and we really enjoyed our partymaking more than usual. 

On a musical level, we decided to change our recipe a little bit, temporarily eliminating the most 'purely electronic' set (tekhouse and electrotechno) in favour of more 'cross-over' stuff. So we started with an electroclash ping-pong between PM Lammore and Tanz Girl, just to warm up the ambience. After that, DJoy met jumped in with an electrizing dance-summerhits session which brought the people to a great climax. Then Tanz Girl followed up with some more dance, before passing it over to PM Lammore again, who closed the party with a 80's - italo disco session producing pure happiness. 


We closed the party realitively early (4 o'clock) and we went to bed satisfied and happy, because we had had a great time playing, dancing and chatting with a lot of people: everybody seemed curious about us and inviting us back to play, stay and spend more time here in Pula. All in all we bring with us a great impression of our only balcanic stop in this tour, and we will fore sure come back if we have the possibility!