Who we were!!!

We were the 270beat, a collective of partymakers dedicated to organize benefit parties in squats and social centers. We had a great time between 2006 and 2007, touring across europe, then we organized some more benefit party from time to time, but right now we have to consider this experience as finished. The main 3 prisoners we were supporting (presos 4F) are finally at home, even if they still have lot of money to pay... But the 270beat crew is actually splitted up, spread over lands and seas, while some of us are currently producing music and videos to go on with the party spirit...  If you want to know more about 270beat collective, you can read our manifesto in english, french, spanishitalian or german. You can also browse our FAQ sections or take a look at our picture galleries... this web-site will be on-line as souvenir just as long as the squ@t!net webmaster (who gently gave us this space on their servers) will leave it. Thanks again to everybody helped us collecting money for prisoners and having fun at once!